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Fresh coffee kit
Fresh coffee kit

Fresh coffee kit


Enjoy a medium and/or a dark roast of our fix. coffee and make sure they'll be fresh like when you open the bag. This bundle is a perfect gift as a starter kit for a coffee newbie or to treat yourself as a coffee lover.

The bundle comes with an air-tight canister and you can choose to add a medium roast coffee bag (12oz), or a dark roast coffee bag (12oz), or both!


fix. coffee is grown in the southeast region of Brazil in Minas Gerais state. This region is famous for producing premium coffee due to its high altitude and rich soil.

Whole beans - Medium or Dark Roast available

Q Grade Score SCA: 86 points

Variety: 100% Arabica – Bourbon & Catuai

Processing Method: Natural

Sweetness: medium-high

Acidity: low

Body: Balanced, Smooth (Medium Roast) / Bold (Dark Roast)

Nutty with notes of cocoa

Center-South region of Minas Gerais, altitude: 3115ft – 3280ft (950m-1000m)

irrigated and controlled farm

UTZ certified, a program for sustainable farming (more details on UTZ certificate website)


Air-tight stainless steel canister keeps your coffee beans safe from moisture, light, oxygen, and CO2, and get a dose of coffee freshness anytime!

Easily keep track of the date and time you first stored your beans to ensure your coffee's freshness. 

- 100% BPA-free silicone rubber 

- CO2 valve

- Rust-resistant, thick, and high-quality stainless steel

- Complimentary spoon with a silicone handle and stainless steel body 

- Built-in Date Wheel to keep track of your coffee freshness and shelf life. 

- Dimensions: 7.75 in x

- Storage capacity: 32oz

- Color: Black