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At brazibeans, we believe that natural resources should only be used with a sustainable approach to providing high-quality products while helping regional development and preserving the environment and the farmers' and their families' lives.

All the coffees we offer at brazibeans are UTZ Certified; UTZ is a program devoted to regulating farming while taking care of the people, the planet, and the profit. This certification guarantees that the coffee is cultivated and harvested with the best sustainable techniques and that the trade was fair and environmentally responsible.

This certification relies on social, economic, and environmental sustainability:  

  • Better farming methods: productivity increased, better income.
  • Better working conditions: a healthy and respectful work environment.
  • Better care for nature: decreasing the use of artificial fertilizers and other harmful practices.
  • Better care for the next generations: education, no child labor!

For more details on the UTZ Certificate, please click here.