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At brazibeans, our hearts’ desire is to bring Brazilian coffee from our native home, Brazil, to share it with the people of the United States. To that end, we have flown in specialty, premium quality coffee from Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. We also care about people and the environment. Our farming practices promote sustainability and fair trade. When you buy from us, you can shop responsibly and at the same time, enjoy high-quality coffee without harming the environment and the farmers’ livelihoods. At brazibeans, we offer a wide variety of delicious coffees available in different aromas, bodies, textures, and roasts.

About Lansing

Lansing is the capital of Michigan, U.S., and is located in Ingham County. Linked by a plank road to Detroit in 1852, and areas outside the state by railroad in the 1870s, the city experienced industrial growth with the establishment of several vehicle manufacturers after 1887. In recent times, it has been a major automobile production center and manufactures a wide range of items, including auto parts, textiles, glass, and metal products. Did you know that during the pandemic, over 40% of Americans bought brands and roasts of coffee that they had never tried before? Also, nearly one-third of the population tried to reproduce a favorite coffee shop beverage at home. 

Sustainable Brazilian Coffee in Lansing

All our beans come from sustainable farming and manufacturing processes. At brazibeans, we work with small, UTZ Certified coffee farmers in Brazil. UTZ certification means that the coffee harvesting process relies upon regulated farming techniques that look after the people, planet, and profit. On top of that, all our products have the Rainforest Alliance certification seal. With such practices in place, you can be sure that every dollar you pay goes toward protecting the livelihood of coffee growers and the environment.

What brazibeans Offers

  • fix. coffee in Lansing: Our fix. coffee has a medium-high sweetness with low acidity. It is also nutty, with notes of cocoa. Consumers can choose between medium or dark roast.
  • Air-Tight Stainless Steel Canisters in Lansing: Our stainless steel canisters are rust-free and come with a sleek, stylish black body. With a built-in Date Wheel, you’ll be able to keep track of your coffee’s shelf life and ensure its freshness.
  • Fresh Coffee Kits in Lansing: Our coffee kit includes a bag of Brazilian coffee beans with medium or dark roast blends, or both, and an airtight canister. It is perfect as a gift for family and friends.
  • Coffee Subscriptions in Lansing: Save 10% with our subscription program and never run out of coffee again. Enjoy fresh coffee beans delivered monthly to your doorstep!

Why Buy Brazilian Coffee from brazibeans?

When you order from us, you are supporting fair trade and the livelihood of small coffee growers who produce premium coffee in Minas Gerais. You are also helping the environment by supporting sustainable farming practices. Our coffee beans are of high quality and come in a wide variety to suit every taste buds. Our coffee subscription can be customized, and our friendly staff are always ready to recommend options that suit your preferences.

For eco-friendly, aromatic Brazilian coffee in Lansing, shop from brazibeans today. Order now from our secure digital retail store.