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How To Measure Coffee

You have made the choice to try out coffee beans or grounds instead of instant coffee – congratulations! But now comes the hard part, exactly how do you measure coffee when brewing the perfect cup? Do you use measuring spoons or scoops? The answer is: no! When it comes to brewing coffee with beans or grounds, going by weight is the most precise way of doing so. In this guide, we share with you our top tips on how to measure coffee in order to get the perfect cup.

Understanding the Mass of Coffee

Using a measuring scale to weigh coffee is the most precise way of getting a blend that is not too heavy or too light. One reason for this is because different types of coffee have different mass, and the mass of coffee changes when it is roasted. During the roasting process, moisture within each coffee bean is released as steam, resulting in a lower moisture level than before. This means a difference in weight of 15 to 20%!

When making the perfect cup of coffee, it is important not to use too much or too little coffee in relation to water. Using too little can cause your coffee to be weak and watery with an aroma that doesn’t do the job. On the other hand, if too much coffee is added, it can cause your drink to be dry, bitter and sour.

Brew Ratios

Now, you may be wondering: what is the perfect ratio for making a cup of coffee? The answer is that it depends on your preferences. While you may have to experiment to find the perfect brew ratio for you, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, or SCAA, recommends a starting point of 60g of coffee per 1l of water.

A common brew ratio is 1:15 and in order to calculate how much coffee you need, you have two options:

  • Work forwards by deciding on how much coffee you want to use. If you decide to use 30g of coffee, simply multiply this number by 15 to get 450ml of water.
  • Work backwards by deciding how much coffee you want to end up with. If you would like a 300ml cup of coffee, divide this number by 15 to get 20g of coffee.

Weighing Coffee

Now that you have a brew ratio in mind, it’s time to weigh the amount of coffee you need to use! All you need is a scale and your coffee beans on hand. Always remember to reset the scale after placing the container which will hold your coffee on it.

Another handy tip to remember is to grind your coffee after weighing it. That way, you will know you have the exact amount you need on hand. On the contrary, if you choose to grind your beans before weighing them, the amount you have ground may not be at the exact weight you need and you will end up wasting some or having to grind a second time.