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Featured Coffees

Can’t decide which of our coffees to get? Or simply looking for our top recommendations? In this guide, we share with you a selection of coffees that are bound to suit each of our customers' unique tastes and preferences.

Featured Coffees by Body

The “body” of coffee can be understood as its thickness. Whether you prefer your coffee thin like the consistency of skimmed milk, thick like full cream milk, or somewhere in between, you can find something to suit your taste when you shop at brazibeans. Below is an introduction to the range of coffees by body:

  • Light body: Light-bodied coffee has the consistency of water, leaving little to no texture on the tongue. This can be achieved by removing oils and solids using a filter if the coffee is not naturally light-bodied.
  • Medium body: Medium-bodied coffee lies right in the middle, being not too watery or syrupy. Coffees that are naturally light or full-bodied can be brewed in different methods to achieve a medium consistency.
  • Full body: The texture of heavy or full-bodied coffee can be felt on the tongue. This texture is a combination of fat, fiber and protein content.

Featured Coffees by Aroma

Freshly roasted coffee smells the best. To this end, aroma can also be a way of discerning the strength of a coffee’s flavor. There are many different coffee aromas that range from fruity and flowery to herby and nutty. For instance, coffee beans from Central America tend to feature fruity and nutty aromas, whereas those from South America have a more chocolatey and caramelized aroma.

Featured Coffees by Roast

Do you prefer your coffee light, medium or dark? Regardless of your preferences, you can find something to suit you at brazibeans from our medium and dark roast coffee beans. Below is a list of different coffee roasts and how that reflects in your beans:

  • Light: Light brown beans with no visible oil are standard for a light roast. Preferred by those who are going for a mild flavor.
  • Medium: Also known as “American roast”, medium roast is what you are most likely to get from supermarket brands. Medium brown beans with no visible oil are standard for medium roast coffee.
  • Medium-dark: Those who prefer a bittersweet taste will want to go for a medium-dark roast. You can identify these coffee beans by their shiny look from the coffee oils.
  • Dark: Dark roast coffee has a tinge of bitterness and makes use of sleek black beans. Mostly used in espressos.

Why Choose brazibeans?

Are you looking to purchase sustainable, high-quality coffee at friendly prices? If so, look no further than brazibeans. We only partner with farms and suppliers that are certified Rainforest Alliance, fair trade or organic. At brazibeans, we see coffee as a way of life and we believe that its production should never be harmful to the environment. Hence, you can enjoy peace of mind that all the decisions in our farming and manufacturing processes have been made responsibly and with sustainability in mind.