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Brazibeans was founded from our desire to share the best Brazilian coffee here in the United States. With our founders hailing from Brazil, not only are we committed to providing high-quality authentic Brazilian coffee beans, but we are also placing a high priority on sustainable farming and practicing. By sourcing from smaller coffee producers and brands that work to reduce their impact on the environment, we let you savor a taste of Brazil without worrying about your ecological footprint.

About Allegan

Allegan is an American city that is the 149th largest in the state of Michigan, boasting a population of 5,020 as the county seat of Allegan County. Not only does Allegan have beautiful parks, natural areas and a wide availability of water sports and lake activities, but it is also a massive tourist draw. The largest annual celebration in Allegan is the Allegan County Fair in September which is reputed to be the largest county fair in Michigan. In the United States, coffee is the second most frequently consumed beverage, with 63% of consumers drinking it at least once a day. In fact, the average American can be estimated to drink around two cups a day!

Sustainable Brazilian Coffee in Allegan

Here at brazibeans, we believe that sustainability is key to ensuring the long term availability of natural resources. However, we understand that the quality of our coffee also cannot be compromised. This is why we choose to only work with small growers in Southeastern Brazil that are registered with the Rainforest Alliance. This ensures that we are supporting the local communities while getting high quality beans. Our coffee products are all UTZ-certified – this means that our producers are all practicing sustainable economic, social, and environmental measures when producing the beans.

What brazibeans Offers

  • fix. coffee in Allegan: The acidity of our fix. coffee is low and sweetness levels are medium high in order to achieve a smooth blend in both dark and medium roast coffee flavors.
  • Air-Tight Stainless-Steel Canisters in Allegan: We offer rust-resistant coffee canisters to keep your coffee beans fresh. Each cannister has a capacity of 32 oz. and are made from stainless-steel that can prolong the lifespan of your beans,
  • Fresh Coffee Kits in Allegan: Our canisters are produced with BPA-free rubber and a CO2 valve. Each cannister can be bundled with a 12oz. bag of Brazilian coffee bean to make a convenient coffee kit.
  • Coffee Subscriptions in Allegan: Ensure that you do not run out of coffee by subscribing to our coffee products. With a constant supply delivered to you, you will have aromatic and authentic Brazilian coffee every morning.

Why Buy Brazilian Coffee from brazibeans?

Here at brazibeans, we believe that coffee is a way of life. Not only does it give a much needed shot of energy in the morning, but it also has a superior taste and brings people together. With this in mind, our business is centered on sustainability, high quality, and convenience to our customers. We only partner with fair trade, Rainforest Alliance registered and organic small coffee growers in order to ascertain the quality of our beans and the techniques used to produce and harvest them. If you are unsure or require additional help, you can always drop a message to our dedicated staff who will provide recommendations to best suit your preference.

For sustainable, aromatic Brazilian coffee in Allegan, shop from brazibeans today. Order now from our secure digital retail store.