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Do you know how to keep your fresh coffee for longer?

If you are a coffee lover, like me, you don’t want to miss any sensory experience involved in preparing this fantastic drink.
The first step to making sure that you’ll benefit from all the smells and flavors that a good coffee can provide to you is the proper storage.
Check out the tips to store in the best way and to enjoy a fresh and delicious coffee for longer!


    1. Humidity
    2. Light
    3. Heat
    4. Air


      The best way to maintain the property of the bean is to keep it in its original packaging. The specialty coffee package usually comes with a gas-release valve to let the gas out (when the beans are roasted, some gases, mostly carbon dioxide, form inside of it), but no air in.

      original packaging
      If you want to put your coffee in a nice canister, that's ok too; just choose an opaque and air-tight container. Transparent glass bins are pretty, but they let the beans be exposed to the light, accelerating the coffee oxidation; make sure it'll be in a dark place.


        Probably your grandma/grandpa always put their coffee in the fridge, but this time (only this time, ok?! they're almost always right, listen to them) they’re wrong! Coffee can absorb moisture and odors from the refrigerator, especially when ground. Cold coffee only iced, please!


        If you can choose, always go with whole beans! The bean is the best way to preserve the quality of your drink. The ideal is to grind only the amount that will be used right before your brewing. A grinder is an excellent investment if you like to enjoy all the flavors of a specialty coffee! 

        coffee beans

        Now, for those of you who skipped to the end of the text (LOL): in short, always keep your beloved coffee in a cool, dark, and moisture-free place, and it'll be ok! 

        These tips make it much easier to keep your coffee fresh and tasty for longer. To receive more instructions and curiosities about the world of coffee, sign up for the brazibeans newsletter!

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